The Palm Coffee Bar

Address: 2922 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank CA, 91505


Phone: (818) 919-1375

About: We are lovers not fighters... specifically caffeine lovers. We thrive on coffee, tea, chai and serving our local community. We fuel each day on passion. We want to share this feeling with the world, with you, our friends, families, communities, coffee & tea lovers, artists, designers, musicians and locals. We want you to be part of that world, our life & welcome you into our home away from home.


The Palm premises was based on the idea of a feeling... like you are on a vacation even though you may be on your local street. Each day is special, precious and you deserve the best version of it. Start it with a cup of our coffee & paint your day from there... "The Palm Coffee Bar- because adulting is hard..."

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