Magnolia Park aka The Mag Park

Magnolia Park aka The Mag Park

3500 W Magnolia Blvd.

Meet a Merchant: Michael "Miki" Guerra

Q: Why did you open a store in Magnolia Park?

A: It was just the right fit for us in the sense that we specialize in very rare sought off collective footwear and with the vibe of Magnolia Park and the great vintage shops it kinda seemed like the right fit for us. The right location opened up and we honestly feel like this location especially was a gem waiting to be discovered.

Q: Why did you name your store Magnolia Park?

A: The entire thought process behind opening the store was building a space for community and a place for families and kids of all ages, where they could come and feel at home while shopping for their favorite sneaker or outfit. We had an established following on social media so we wanted to show the community Magnolia Park and shed some light on it. Since our grand opening we have gained over 30,000 followers. It's kind of our speciality. We have a lot of young kids and they're getting to discover this area more and and more.

Q: What is one thing you would change or add in Magnolia Park?

A: My initial thought is more parking and continuing to see the growth.

Q: How do you describe your store to people?

A: Coolest store on earth. I basically tell them to come pay us a visit because it's an experience and not a product. We're a little different than any other corporate company. Who has a 300 square foot basketball court in thier store?. Shoot a basketball or shop for your favorite shoes.

Q: Anything else you want to tell the people of Burbank?

A: People think we're corporate but we're just a small business. I'm just a kid with this dream that came from this shop in downtown Burbank and ventured off to do this at this location. This was really a place we wanted people to feel welcome. I'm here everyday not because I have to but because I enjoy it.

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