The Art of Custom Framing at Four Corners

Interview with Catalina Hernandez,

owner of Four Corners Custom Framing

Catalina with her two kids

Tell us about Four Corners Custom Framing

My husband dreamed of opening his own business and that was what got us here 22 years later . His knowledge of framing and his passion for photography is what pushes us to build this dream of owning our business. Our desire to offer these services to the Burbank community made us pick this wonderful city to build our dream. My husband learned his framing skill working for Aarron Brothers as a young man and his photography skill when he worked at a photo lab. I learned the skill over the years from my husband and by attending classes to improve my knowledge. I had planned to become a teacher and got my Bachelor degree from CSUN but working in our business gave me the opportunity to have my children with me and I have truly come to love creating art pieces for all our clients.

What services does Four Corners offer:

Four Corners Custom Framing offers picture framing services to the public and businesses. Besides framing we also offer photography services. We provide clients with a large selection of frames, mats and glass. We help the clients design the most appropriate look for their art. I say art because I treat each piece as art whether it is a poster, collectible or personal piece.

left photo: An example of a photograph taken by Catalina's husband's photography business. Above: Catalina in her shop.

Why should someone choose custom over a pre-set frame?

We feel that choosing custom framing gives you the freedom to create a unique look for your art piece. I try to select frames and mats that compliment the art. Clients can bring a piece of paper that is of value to them and I can design/create a frame that will make that paper an art display. I truly take great pride in what I create for each client. A pre-set frame doesn't give you the opportunity to make your art unique.

What has been your favorite project?

Over the past 22 years that I have been framing I have done two pieces that I truly enjoy working with. One was a shadow boxing collectible of mine stone along with other pieces a client brought. Shadow boxing is a frame where you see items display dimensionally in a deep box frame. Another piece I feel very proud of is the framing of a large canvas stretch of a picture taken from the Observatory with a frame that was 105"x55" inches. It was largest I have ever done and the client was very excited to have seen the complete piece. When clients pick up their pieces and leave the shop happy it really makes my day brighter because i know that my hard work paid off.

Is Custom Framing an Art?

I do consider custom framing an art. Each piece brought into the store is an art piece. When i pick the mat, the glass and the frame I always try to fit them to the piece. I try to make the art piece the center of the eye rather than focus on the mat or frame. My job as a framer is to put together a design that will make the piece stand out and be the center of conversation.

Right photo:The largest frame Catalina has put together

Visit Four Corners Custom Framing

3106 1/2 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

(818) 842-5511

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