The Chandler Bike Path


The Burbank portion of the Chandler Bike Path is a two-mile bikeway within the former Chandler Boulevard railroad right-of-way, running from Mariposa Street to the City border at Clybourn Avenue. 

Magnolia Park Mamas


The Magnolia Park Mamas are a group of fun new moms who live in or around the Magnolia Park area. The group coordinates stroller walks, sidewalk sales, playdates, baby classes and more.  The Magnolia Park Mamas use their Facebook forum to connect with eachother, ask questions, talk about mommy topics, and  plan events. 


Join the Magnolia Park Mamas HERE

Ride the Rocket


Let your little ones soar into outer space for just $0.25 at Rocket Fizz.


3524 W Magnolia Blvd



If you're in the area shopping or visiting, here is a list of some things you can do around Magnolia Park that are available during operating hours.

Build a Custom Scent


How a custom blend works! You will personally work with Jennifer or her "minions" (as they like to be called) at KleanSpa, to create your own signature scent. They will assist you in choosing your scent notes. They will help you design your scent and then you'll name it! What would a signature scent be without a great name! 

You will leave with your custom blend in roll-on form! 


3319 W Magnolia Blvd

Pub Run


Every Wednesday evening Fleet Feet Sports offer’s a fun, casual 3 to 4 mile run with a start time of 6:30 p.m. from the store. Runs are open to all abilities and paces. All group walks/runs are free of charge. Hang around after the run and join us for some $4 Golden Road pints at our local pub, Tony's Darts Away!


1516 W Magnolia Blvd


Coffee Run


Every Saturday morning at 8:30am Fleet Feet Sports offer’s a fun, casual multi-distance run with a start time of 8:30 a.m. from the store. Runs are open to all abilities and paces. All group walks/runs are free of charge. Hang around with us after the run for coffee and snacks at Starbucks!


1516 W Magnolia Blvd


Get a Reading!


Stop by The Crystal Shrine and meet our wonderful readers. Do you have questions about where you are in your life and not sure about your next move? Are you overwhelmed by changes? These and many other questions may be answered in the oracles or the cards. Tap into the remote areas of your psyche with the help of our readers to find out what's in store for you!Readers available Tuesday thru Sunday during store hours. Appointments and walk-ins welcome. Cash preferred, but we can accommodate credit card payments.


1006-1008 N. Lima St.818-955-5114


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