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What is the Magnolia Park Merchants Association (MPMA)?

The MPMA is a non-profit corporation founded in 2014 by a group of Magnolia Park merchants.  The Board of Directors and all its members are Magnolia Park small business owners just like you and caring community members who have banded together to help improve our beautiful Burbank district and get our area more widely known through branding and marketing.

What does the MPMA do?

The Board of Directors, with the help of its members, strives to build awareness of Magnolia Park through the use of strategic events, social media, marketing, promotions, meeting with City of Burbank leaders and more.  We publish material to promote MPMA district and all of its members which is then displayed and distributed by all member store and businesses as well as all of the Hotels, airports and other public areas in Burbank. 

What does it mean to be a member?

As a member, you are standing with all the other merchants in the association and making an effort to help Magnolia Park grow and prosper as a united force.  We share information about our upcoming events and problem-solving ideas with each other as well as security information whenever there is a break-in or shoplifting event.  Additionally, we have a relationship with the local city offices regarding district concerns.  As a member, you are invited to utilize all the different avenues and social media perks in order to benefit your business.


Where is Magnolia Park?

In 2014 when the MPMA corporation was formed, we asked the City of Burbank to extend the boundaries for Magnolia Park to incorporate all of the stores and businesses on Magnolia Boulevard between Victory Boulevard and Clybourn Avenue and on Hollywood Way from Clark Avenue to Chandler Boulevard.  You will notice that our Magnolia Park banners stretch the entire distance along Hollywood Way and Magnolia Blvd and Welcome signs are posted at all four entrances into Magnolia Park.


We are more than our events!

Yes, Magnolia Park has some really cool events, but that’s not the majority of what we do.  We use social media, promotional items, community involved activities, brochures, and email campaigns to help bring awareness – and customers – to the stores in Magnolia Park.

A woman typing on her laptop at a cafy on Magnolia Blvd Burbank
A woman with a Magnolia Park tote shopping ion Burbank

Member Perks

Social media

New member announcement on  Magnolia Park's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Promotion opportunities

Email marketing

Promote sales, events,  new products and more in our weekly email


Listed on our website under Shop, Dine, or Services.


Featured in any printed brochures or posters put out by Magnolia Park

 Join Here

To join, please fill out the Registration Form & be prepared to pay the initial Membership Fee.

Membership Fee:



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