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Using your MPMA Member Network

MPMA members have access to the Magnolia Park Instagram, Facebook, and email newsletter. In addition to the free listing on website, the initial welcome post on Facebook and Instagram, and the link on our printed hot sheets, members can also add announcements to the newsletter or pay for additional posts on our social media pages.

Member Perks

How to Advertise

Newsletter Ads

MEMBERS: To have your business entered in the weekly newsletter, please email up to 4 pictures (jpg) and a short text message (Word) and necessary links by 5:00pm on Monday.  

Submit to:

Social Media

MEMBERS: If you’d like to post on the MPMA Instagram or Facebook pages, reach out to discuss options & prices.


Hot Sheets

QR Code Listings

As a member, your business is also included in the QR code on our Magnolia Park hot sheets available in merchant stores and select locations around Burbank.


Let us know if you would like hot sheets to display at your business!


Don't Forget to #Hashtag

Remember to tag us on social media @magnoliaparkburbank
We also recommend the following hashtags:

#visitmagnoliapark, #magnoliaparkburbank, or #magnoliaparkbusinesses

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